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Domestic Violence Attorney Medford, Oregon

A conviction involving domestic violence can lead to jail time, court fines, mandatory treatment costs, the loss of your professional license and ability to hold certain types of jobs, and the loss of your right to own a firearm.

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At Larry B. Workman, Attorney at Law, we represent people in the Medford area and throughout the state of Oregon who have been charged in connection with spousal abuse or domestic violence. Attorney Larry B. Workman specializes in Domestic Violence cases.

We know that what commonly begins as a simple disagreement between two people can quickly snowball out of control once the police have been called. At that point, it no longer matters if things have been “patched up” by the time they arrive — if there is ANY evidence of abuse or domestic violence, the suspected abuser will be arrested even if the alleged victim does not want that to happen.

If you have been arrested on domestic violence charges, one of the best ways to protect yourself after an arrest is to hire an attorney who specializes in Domestic Violence charges before any restraining order hearing. The restraining order hearing is an excellent opportunity to obtain evidence and get admissible testimony on record. The point is to lay the groundwork for a successful criminal defense or case dismissal later on.

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Arrested in connection with domestic violence? There is too much at stake to take chances.

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